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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I am so very happy with my full treatment of 4 wraps on my stomach! Finally the definition is starting to show again! Bye bye, baby pouch!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Facial Line is Fantastic!

I am currently loving the It Works Cleanser and Toner!  What a difference it has made to the quality of my skin!
Soft, smooth and tighter! The Toner does and amazing jobs of hydrating daily.  Want even further hydration? Try the Facial Wrap! Like a spa treatment in your own home!  I couldn't believe how much my eye bags diminished and my eyes brightened!
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Arms adoration

One full treatment, or 4 wraps with 72 hours inbetween, resulted in this! I was so amazed to finally have my arm somewhat toned. The shirt I am wearing in the After photo didn't even fit due to arm tightness! Holla!  Let's wrap it, people!

It Works Lip & Eye

Can't believe what a difference it makes to take a photo! I didn't think the Lip & Eye gel was doing much for me until I took a picture! I even had my makeup on in the Before shot!  Time to add this to my regimen!
Want some?

Defining Gel Love

My neck after five days of Defining Gel! Yes, only 5 days! I love the stuff and use it everyday!